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Model's Name: Lukas

Age: 23

Height: 184 Cm

Weight: 76 Kg

Lukas is one of the best bisexual Russian male escorts for couples that you will find in Bangkok. He is very popular because of the quality of the service he provides. He treats his clients in high regards. He is a Russian professional bisexual male masseur for ladies and gentlemen. With his passion for the job, he has come to Bangkok. Being an international male escort and massage therapist he has many international clients too.

Lukas has a perfect masculine figure. He has a handsome look and people really appreciate him for his look. He also has got good sets of the biceps and the chest. He does gym regularly to keep his body fit and intact. He maintains his weight around 76 kg. He also has a good height. His height is around 184 cm. his hands act as the great tool during the massage. Being muscular male escort in Bangkok provides him some advantage during the massage.

Lukas has special services for his male, female and couple clients in the menu. He is very famous among the women clients. The women love him because of his talents and the satisfaction he provides. He knows how to relax the parts of the body. Being a passionate masseur, he tries to give his 100% for the satisfaction of the clients. He leaves no part of the body untouched for his clients. He provides the necessary twists and the turns and then the relaxation to give a very good soothing sensation to his clients. He even massages the erogenous zones for his clients on demand. The ladies love the way he massages in those parts.

Lukas can give a different kind of the massage. He can give a plain body massage, body oil massage, soapy shower massage, lingam massage, yoni massage and much more kinds of the massage. He also acts as the masseur for the couples. On demand, he can even give the oral sex and the orgasm as the happy ending service. This is seeking by most of his women clients.

He has a very high demand in the market. Being a talented Russian male escort and masseur in Bangkok with humorous behaviour makes him get many of the repetitive clients. He tries to apply the skills in all possible way. There are any international clients who seek for his service. He rarely remains free in his work time. So you must book him in advance to get his service. You can book online or over the phone.