Elite Bisexual Blond Russian Escort in Bangkok | Elita

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Model's Name: Elita

Age: 25

Height: 168 Cm

Weight: 54 Kg

Size: 34C-24-34

When you are searching for bisexual blond Russian escort, then Elita is the right woman who can help? That is because she comes with an amazing size of 34C-24-34, which is just right for couples, men and women. Her voice and skin are soft and tender that is something you need to try out firsthand to know.

Whether you are a lesbian couple, then there is no need to feel shy to contact Elita because she is more than willing to provide her sexual services. Her Russian origins help her to be aggressive and have a liking to rough sex.

It is not surprising that she offers oral and anal sex, which is usually preferred by most of her clients who are from all over the world. She is a sweet woman with adorable personality who ensures that her clientele are one happy and satisfied couple.

This bisexual blond Russian escort provides several sexual services that include escort service, erotic massage, role playing, domination, face sitting, oral service, anal escort, lesbian escort, and even lesbian massages. Domination is one of her main specialties where she tends to dominate over the couple.

It is a good experience. Face sitting is another of her specialties where she sits on your face or lets you sit on her face. Role playing is also liked by her. You can get her dressed as any person or profession you want to. Oral and anal sex is also provided and you can be assured that she is a professional at that.

Elita also provides lesbian escort services for woman who need them. Lesbian massages are also provided by her depending on your sexual needs and preferences. Escort service includes traveling with you for occasions where you like to celebrate an anniversary.

Maybe you would like to surprise your partner, especially your male partner who is not going to complain once he lays his eyes on Elita’s hot body. If you are looking for a good bisexual blond Russian escort for couples then there is no doubt that she is the woman who can help you. When both of you want to improve your sex life and have somebody to aid you with that then you need an experienced escort like her who can provide quality services.