Straight European Male Escort for Ladies in Bangkok | Daniel

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Model's Name: Daniel

Age: 24

Height: 178 Cm

Weight: 68 Kg

Daniel is our straight European male escort and massage therapists for ladies in Bangkok. Daniel is one of the best European male therapists out there and will undoubtedly bring you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction during your time spent with him in Bangkok.

The reason why Daniel is so popular with the ladies is the main reason why massage therapists are renowned for in the first place - their therapy. He is an extremely well-trained professional and has years of experience in this field giving out massages to those who need it. Not only that, but he also knows when and how to turn on the heat with the customer. So be prepared to get real feisty in his company. You will never even know when has hit you with his charm.

Another reason why you should not hesitate in picking Daniel as your straight male escort and masseur is that he has an excellent build and one that any other guy would be jealous of. He works out regularly and as such, is extremely fit and athletic. That is even more evident when you proceed to get a body to body massage from him. When it comes to massage sessions, it is always great to get it from someone who is strong and firm enough to handle the situation on his own. What more can a woman want?

Last but not the least, Daniel here is an instant charmer for the ladies and someone who can cause an instant turn on for any woman. His personality is something to behold and one that every woman feels attracted towards. A good body is nothing if there is no personality and substance to back it up. The best thing about him is the fact that he knows how to handle the customer with just words.

Apart from that, he has great seductive senses, something which can't be said for a lot of men. If you are the type of woman to fall for a sweet talker, then Daniel is definitely the guy for you. He has the type of aura that makes you feel sensual at all times. He is also prepared to do whatever it takes to please the customer. As such, it is unsurprising as to why someone would not pick him.