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Model's Name: Eden

Age: 21

Height: 179 Cm

Weight: 69 Kg

When it comes to young European male escorts and masseurs, there is a huge demand for them. And why wouldn't there be? After all, European men are one of the finest looking and hottest out there. Getting them to give you a nice and warm massage sounds like every woman's fantasy doesn't it? Eden is one such young European male massage therapist and escorts and happens to be one of the best in the business in our agency.

One of the main reasons why Eden is so popular among the ladies is because of his fine looks. Originally British by birth, he is gifted with a pair of sexy blue eyes and a sharp jaw line. And there is no way in the world that any woman can resist a combination of both of them. As far as physique is concerned, he does pretty well in that regard as well.

He is pretty muscular by the body and is wonderfully athletic as well. And top of that, he has trained himself a set of nice abs as well. Just imagine the kind of sensation you will feel being handled physically by a man of such build. Add to that someone who has good knowledge on how to perform a massage, and what you have is one of the most sensuous experiences of your lifetime.

Another prominent feature of the massage sessions you will get under Eden is the fact that they are extremely sensuous in nature. As mentioned before, his physique has a lot to do with that. But it's not just about his physical features either. A lot depends on the technique employed by the masseur. And boy does Eden know how to pull that off. With experience, he has learned the small tricks and tips regarding how to perform the most soothing and sensuous massage for his customers. Demand a body to body massage and you will get to know that even better.

There are tons of young European male escorts and masseuses out there who know how to give a proper massage. And yet, not everyone among them is considered to be the best. One of the main reasons is the communication gap left between the masseuse and the customer. Eden does a good job of reducing that gap since he knows how to use conversation to fill the gaps between massage sessions. Ladies beware! He has one of the most charming and infectious personalities that you will ever see, and that contributes a lot to him being one of the best in the business.