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Model's Name: Aisha

Age: 20

Height: 173 Cm

Weight: 56 Kg

Size: 34C-24-34

If you are visiting Thailand or planning to come to Bangkok with your friends and want to have some fun and excitement, then you will want to make use of a western escort service. Though there are several western services available, none can match the services of Aisha. Aisha is a naughty slender western escort in Thailand and can be best described as one who loves to experiment less and give more enjoyment through oral services like massages and oral sex.

She does not like the rough and aggressive kind of sex, mind you. But she is good as what she is, which is massages with smelly oils and perfumes. Having a size of 34C-24-34 Aisha is a sought after woman in Bangkok. With those assets she makes sure that she is one hot property. It is no wonder that she is liked by one and all in this group.

Her clients are not only from Asia, but also other parts of America and Europe. Such is her popularity.

This Bangkok naughty slender western escort who loves to be loved and caressed by her clients offers some of the best western escort services you can experience in Bangkok.

Few of her services include:

  • She provides escort service.
  • Her dinner date service is one of a kind where you can take her out to her favorite restaurant and dine with her.
  • She also loves to have social activities and likes to enjoy the city.
  • Her erotic massages are worth dying for. Her beautiful moves around your body and usage of her hands and lips are something to experience and cherish.
  • The same can be said about her sexy massages.
  • She also provides oral sex where you can have her feel your inner self.
  • Aisha also loves to strip tease. You can have her wear any clothing you want and then make her strip slowly till you drop down.
  • Feet erotic is another of her specialties.

When you are looking for a naughty slender western escort in Thailand, then don’t forget to give a call to us to hire Aisha. Perhaps you are looking for a dinner date or erotic massage at night. Whatever it is, don’t forget to make use of her services as immediately as possible. Remember she is a very busy woman who may not pick up if you call late.

Hurry up and call today to get that massage you have been waiting for.