Bisexual European Masseuse and Escort in Bangkok | Aiva

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Model's Name: Aiva

Age: 24

Height: 169 Cm

Weight: 53 Kg

Size: 34C-23-35

Are you a couple who is not keen to have sex with each other anymore? Then you will want to take the help of a Bangkok bisexual European masseuse and escort for couples. One such is Aiva who is known for her sexual abilities and skills to make her clients happy. Don’t be surprised to know that her clientele are from all parts of the world.

European women know how to keep their men one happy lot the same can be said about Aiva who likes to go the extra mile to get the task done. Several couples have benefited from her sexual services are now today living happily together. You can say that she has brought back the sexual heat into their lives.

With a size of 34C-23-35 she is just the perfect woman to satisfy your sexual requirements. Aiva has a very exotic side that can be seen when she gets really hot and very high during her sexual encounters with couples. Satisfying couples is not for the faint hearted and it is safe to say that Aiva is not a weak hearted person.

This bisexual European masseuse and escort for couples in Bangkok offers sexual services which include escort service, erotic massage, role playing, domination, face sitting, oral, anal, lesbian escort, and beautiful lesbian massage. She loves domination, though she likes to dominate the individuals. Aiva is good at it.

Oral and anal sexual positions are also offered by her without hassle. She loves to ensure that her clients are happy after her services. She also offers erotic massages with oils and for lesbians are also her specialty which she gives gladly. They can be performed in the bath or in the bed.

Aiva also gives face sitting where she lies naked on your face for you to enjoy her soft body. If you are lesbian couple or straight couple looking for somebody hot and sensuous who can get your love back right on track then call up Aiva. If you are couple and want to get back on your sex life to make it as it were before, then you will want to make use of the services of a Bangkok bisexual European masseuse and escort for couples like Aiva.

Don’t waste time and hurry up because Aiva is most sorted after by her clients. You may not find her free often which is why you will want to make the call as quickly as you can.